How to be a good renter

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Landlords prefer to work with law-abiding tenants who have an excellent financial track record to ensure they won’t default on rent or damage the property. Besides having a good credit score and no criminal records, there’s a lot more you can do to maintain a solid landlord-tenant relationship.

Taking the proper steps to improve as a tenant can also improve how you relate to your neighbors and other community members. Follow the tips below and become a better tenant in your landlord’s eyes.

1. Make a genuine tenant application

The housing demand keeps rising each year, meaning there’s often stiff competition for the best apartments. For example, apartments near slippery rock university are highly sought-after during the college season. Unfortunately, the scramble for suitable apartments sometimes drives many people to lie or fail to disclose sensitive information in their tenancy application.

Indicating that you don’t own pets or don’t have guests over regularly when you own pets or live with a spouse can hurt your relationship with your landlord. Being honest and transparent in your tenancy application will help build trust and respect with your property manager.

2. Avoid renting more than you can afford

Today, housing costs take a considerable portion of many people’s living expenses. For example, many financial advisors recommend keeping your rent expense within 30% of monthly expenses. However, keeping your leasing costs within the ideal limit can be difficult with rental prices rising each year. Exceeding the 30% threshold raises the likelihood of missed or late rent payments, which may attract further penalties.

Take stock of all your monthly incomes and expenses and work out a figure you are comfortable paying as rent. Sometimes, a fancy balcony or backyard lawn can tempt you into moving for expensive apartments. Renting within your means is one of the prerequisites of being a good tenant.

3. Pay rent on time

Dealing with tenants who don’t pay on time or pay at all is any landlord’s worst nightmare. Good tenants don’t take their landlords in circles when your rent falls due. Landlords also need to keep up with their mortgage or home loan repayments. Delaying your rental remittance compromises the landlord’s ability to repay their mortgage and maintain the premises. If you tend to forget when your bills fall due, consider setting reminders that notify you of impending bills a few days before the due date.

4. Submit maintenance requests early

It’s essential to notify your landlord whenever there’s a water leak, electrical fault, or any other maintenance issue in your rental premises. Heating, cooling, and ventilation systems can be particularly costly to fix if left neglected.

Tenants should use the proper channels when lodging maintenance requests with property owners. Good tenants notify their property managers of any minor issues before escalating to expensive repairs.

5. Abide by the lease terms

Many tenants rush into signing tenancy agreements without understanding the lease terms. Knowing what you’re getting yourself into is crucial in maintaining harmony and avoiding potential lawsuits. While most tenancy agreements will prohibit unlawful practices and activities that threaten other tenants’ safety, there could be additional clauses that you could overlook if you don’t read the agreement.

Pay special attention to the violations section in your lease contract. Many landlords may prohibit pet keeping or hosting parties on specific days. Failure to honor your lease obligations puts you at risk of eviction or even jail time.

6. Keep the premises clean.

In most cases, it’s your responsibility as a tenant to maintain high hygiene levels in your apartment and other common areas. For example, landlords prefer tenants who will treat the apartment or premises as their own. Despite the usual wear and tear issues, it’s up to you as a tenant to keep your living spaces clean pest-free.

Deep clean your apartment at least once every few months is possible. Ensure your outdoor spaces such as lawns, kitchen gardens, and balconies are tidy. Poor maintenance practices can put you at odds with your landlord and lead to deductions on your security deposit.

Bonus tip

Understanding your contractual obligations goes a long way in improving landlord-tenant relationships. check out the site below for more tips on becoming a better tenant.

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