Business Text Etiquettes: Do’s and Dont’s

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We grew thinking business emails and call centers are the only way to reach businesses. But, as consumers become more attached to their smartphones, text messages have become a mainstream business behavior.

At first, it is surprising how colleagues, customers, and clients regularly send text messages for inquiries. Text messages are the most convenient to reach a person and one of the fastest ways to receive a response. However, with regular use, there can be abuse. Some people text because they can, but that is unacceptable behavior.

That’s why we are here to discuss the business text etiquettes. It is essential to know the do’s and dont’s to send polite and professional texts when your customers opt to reach you through text, not business calls or emails.

  • Do: Ask Permission; Don’t: Text Immediately.

The end-user does not have to ask permission as businesses publicize their phone numbers. However, it is different from customer service agents. Before you start texting customers, it is essential to ask their permission first. You have to remember not everyone wants to give their attention day and night.

  • Do: Message During Business Hours; Don’t: Text Anytime

You have to be cautious about sending the text message; it must be within business hours. Do not send a message anytime; the receiver may be sleeping. Moreover, do not ping your colleagues on Saturday. Communication should be convenient and not a disturbance. 

  • Do: Choose Best Medium; Don’t: Spam.

It does not mean you can text; you have to do it. Many communication channels are available; if it is not that urgent, you can use other ways. Do not do it because you can.

Moreover, do not spam the same message to every communication channel. Stick to the medium you think is best to communicate. 

Let’s say you are sending some updates to a client; send it to one medium only. It would frustrate or annoy them if they receive it on all communication channels.

  • Do: Proofread Text; Don’t: Immediately Send

Read your text before sending it. Sometimes we send the message immediately without noticing silly errors due to autocorrect or predictive text. Errors may cause misunderstanding and confusion to the recipient and don’t come in your best light. Thus, slow down and read the text carefully before you send them.

  • Be Courteous and Professional

It is essential to use a positive tone and greeting in every conversation and professional communication. Moreover, include your name at the end of the text to avoid guessing who is texting them.

You might text your friends and relatives with emojis and stickers. But, it is unprofessional to use such emojis and stickers when working or talking with clients. Although it might break the ice and make the atmosphere friendly, it is not acceptable for professional communication. 

A text message gets the receiver’s attention instantly and often receives the fastest reply. Making text messages one of the efficient methods of communicating urgent matters. However, you have to apply these text etiquettes to ensure you get positive attention from your clients.

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