Is Blogger good in 2022?

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Google owns It is also known as Google Blogger (a person) to avoid any confusion. Blogger provides a free platform to share your view, moment, and life events with the world. In 2022 it is not a bad choice if you are creating it for fun. But there are some points, let’s discuss them.

What distinguishes Blogger from

Both terms will likely become part of your everyday lexicon. They’re nearly identical. Blogger is the blogging platform, and Blogspot is the blog hostname (or domain name). So, you will start a blog on Blogger and use the domain as the host domain.

You can also map a custom domain name to hide the Blogspot domain name. Bloggers wield a lot of power over blogging platforms.

Blogger’s web host may be keeping a low profile right now. When I started blogging a few years ago, it was one of the best and most influential platforms. According to the WordPress website, Matt Mullenweg began blogging on Blogger and was dissatisfied with the service in the early 2000s.

Is Blogger good for you?

Blogger is good for you for some reasons.

If You are a Website Developer

If you know how to develop a great website or a blog, blogging is not bad. You can make your blog attractive with your skills. 

Do You Know Programming?

If you know programming and coding, you can insert so many new things in your blog, and it will be free of cost. So, you can even build your business with Blogger and engage your viewers on your blog.

Do You have a YouTube Channel?

The other important point is that if you are a YouTuber, you can quickly grow your blog with Blogger. You can also get new viewers on your youtube and your blog.

Blogger users are leaving for various reasons.

Blogger, launched in 2003, was the first widely used blogging platform. So it gained popularity and Google’s support. As a result, Google Blogger is more reliable than other platforms like Tumblr. But I later found some Blogger alternatives with a good feature set.

Blogger has attracted tens of thousands of bloggers from developing nations with such a low entry fee. Once you’ve made some money and established a reliable source of income, consider moving to another platform such as WordPress and hosting it by yourself. But for starters, Blogger is the best.

Customization options are limited. Blogger is one of the least customizable free blogging platforms available. Delete a BlogSpot blog at your own risk. Google removed the entire site after discovering a blog that broke Blogger’s terms.

Future Blogging The blogging world is fluid and ever-changing. There are no plugins or features for Rich Snippets, image optimization, or custom CDN solutions because Blogger is the least flexible blogging platform. And Blogger has finally added many blogging features that many of its competitors lacked. For example, a website builder that allows dragging and dropping.


Despite this, Blogger is still a viable blogging platform. It’s a great blogging platform for small projects.

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