Can Teachers be Successful Without Using technology?

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In today’s fast-paced, hyper-connected world, utilizing technology appears to be a need rather than a choice. It regulates most of our daily activities, including driving, interacting with people, and even banking. This made me wonder if a K-12 school could be successful without employing technology. This is a provocative question for me, and it is a subject I have never discussed before.

In this article, I would want to respond to this topic by looking at the characteristics of a successful school and discussing whether or not these characteristics can be achieved without using technology. When I was 51, I developed a grade calculator.

  1. 1. Goals and visions that are shared. A successful school has objectives and principles that can be met without using technology. However, this means you won’t be able to write your goals and ambitions, as well as your progress toward achieving them, using Microsoft Office or other word processing software. It would have to be done on paper using a pencil. When I was 51, I developed a college GPA calculator.
  2. Above Average Expectancies. High expectations can be expressed without using technology, but technology can undoubtedly aid in efficiently disseminating your message.
  3. A proactive approach to problem-solving and constant development. If you are actively looking for answers to difficulties and challenges and consistently trying to enhance procedures and tactics, you will conclude that you need to use modern technology. It would assist you in resolving your issues and improving your policies and processes constantly.
  4. Collaboration. Without edtech, collaboration or teamwork can be performed, but not at a high level. Many applications can help schools improve their communication and planning processes, allowing them to work more efficiently. This, in turn, aids learners in achieving their goals, which is a school’s top objective.
  5. High-quality curricula that adhere to industry norms. You do not need edtech to help you develop a curriculum or match it with relevant requirements, but it would speed up the process. It would also make personalizing your program for individual students easier, which is a time-taking effort without technology.
  6. Ongoing evaluation. Without the use of edtech, assessment and grading may be carried out. Consider how Scantron devices revolutionized the field of education in 1972. Rather than spending a whole day evaluating multiple-choice tests, instructors might assess an entire class in under a minute. In 2019, we had several technological tools to grade essays in under a minute. Let’s talk about advancement.
  7. 7. Professional growth. Professional advancement in person is the most powerful, but it is not the most efficient. Educators have 24/7 access to professional development in today’s contemporary environment, and all they need is a computer device and a good internet connection.
  8. A respectful, optimistic, trusting, and deliberate school culture. This can be accomplished without the use of technology. However, edtech devices may help you expedite the process, saving your time and ensuring the development of healthy school culture.
  9. Involvement of parents and the community. Engaging with the community and parents without using technology is possible, but it is time-consuming. You may see how quickly you acquire Carpal Tunnel Syndrome by writing 100-130 handwritten messages to parents or community stakeholders. It would be unreasonable to do so when edtech tools can assist you in doing so with 95-99% less work.


Is it possible for a K-12 school to be effective without using technology? Absolutely. With diminishing school resources and instructors wearing several hats, they can’t afford to do things the old-fashioned way when high-tech can assist them in doing the same work with 95-99 percent less effort. Life is intended to be enjoyed, and the days of educators spending their weekends creating lesson plans and marking papers are long gone. Unfortunately, many of us need to work on the weekends to supplement our income because of our poor salaries.

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