Security Metal Detector

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Security Metal Detector

Increasing crime rates in recent years force people to live in safer public areas. In addition to ensuring the safety of you and other people by making a head-to-head search while entering shopping centers, concerts, and airports, it becomes very easy with the security metal detector to ensure public safety such as military mine operations and gun search.

It is a fact that every invention is born out of necessity, and Alexander Graham, who we know as the first metal detector in history, and the inventor of the telephone. It is recorded in the records that it was invented by Bell to find the bullet stuck in the body of the then American President James Garfield. Later, the detector was developed and used to detect iron and steel alloy objects buried under the ground and in the sea after the war. Today, its usage area is used in many areas such as protecting public safety and detecting mined areas, beyond just searching for burials.

Detectors, which have a very easy operating metric, offer a 12-meter-wide search opportunity by generating a signal by generating eddy currents when it encounters metal, thanks to the electromagnetic waves formed in the receiving and transmitting parts of the coils inside.

How Many Types of Security Metal Detector Are There?

Security metal detector Today, it is used in quite different fields and for different purposes. Detection of metal objects on people in order to protect national security at border gates of countries, detection of cutting and piercing tools in public areas such as airports and shopping malls, detection of underground cables in the telecommunication area are just a few of them. With the development of technology and the use of microprocessors in metal detectors, adding numerous features to the detectors, which have become quite portable, is no longer a problem. So how many types of metal detectors are there?

Classify them according to the way they work, we can reduce metal detectors to four types. These are BDO type, signal amplitude sensitive, signal base sensitive and pulse induction type detectors.

The most useful security metal detector XRC provide the best service. XRC offer you the opportunity to choose among their detectors according to your area of use, to search for burials or to ensure public safety. You can have information about their products on XRC’s website and can shop easily.

A metal detector is a device that detects the presence of metal objects in the environment. It is a very useful tool for hikers, hunters, and other outdoor enthusiasts. Because of its high sensitivity it can detect even small amounts of metal.

However, there are many types of detectors out there. There are mechanical detectors that use magnetic fields to detect metals in the environment, there are thermal detectors that use infrared light to detect metals and there are acoustic detectors that use sound waves to detect metals. type is easy to use and you can use it anywhere, even if you are not at home or at your office. However, it has to be used with a reason and not just for fun. You have to have a reason why you need this kind of detector. This detector should work well in the rain, snow or humid environments as well as in low visibility areas like caves or dark parks or forests where people cannot see very well. Go now equals collective

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