How to make your child more confident

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Confidence plays a vital role in determining our prospects and quality of life.

People who are more confident are comfortable in dealing with challenging situations like interacting with new people or conducting presentations.

Moreover, people who are confident are also less likely to be manipulated by others. Since they are sure of their abilities, and don’t rely on others for validation, therefore, their mental health may also be better.

However, there is one caveat; confidence isn’t so easy to get by. It’s harder to cultivate during adulthood, which is why parents need to focus on making their children more confident from the very beginning. It’s an important life skill that is required through all facets of life.

If your child isn’t confident, it may affect their mental health. Lack of self-esteem and self-worth makes them vulnerable to greater levels of stress, which also impairs their physical health, meriting intervention by their Pediatrician in Lahore then.

Moreover, confident children are also able to collect more life experiences, that helps in shaping their subjectivities. Some things to improve your child’s confidence levels include:

Watch your words

Parents often kill their child’s confidence by using words and taunts that have a grave impact on the child’s perception of self. So, make sure that when your child fails to achieve something, you encourage them to do better rather than chiding them.

Taunts and sarcasm are extremely unhealthy for your child. Similarly, don’t compare them to others, as that then makes them feel inadequate.

Encourage them to get out of their comfort zone

Your brain will be afraid of new things. Anything that pushes us out of our comfort zone is difficult. One way to combat this is by collecting greater life experiences.

Hence, encourage your child to try new things. Counsel them to step out of their comfort zone. It is easier for children to experiment, so, capitalize on their willingness to try at least.

Mistakes are okay

Some parents are so fixated on the results, that failure for them is a big issue. They don’t think their child should falter at any point. When the child suffers a set, their confidence then takes a hit.

However, you need to change this mindset. You yourself need to stop focusing on the results but look at the process as well. Allow your child to make mistakes, as they are the precursor to learning.

Similarly, make your child brave enough to receive a setback in stride. Otherwise, their confidence might suffer from a great blow.

Laud the effort

It is important that you laud your child’s effort, regardless of the result. If the focus is always on the result, it will be hard for the child to take in failure. But when they are taught to appreciate the process, and the growth that occurs during it, they will be more confident in their abilities, even if they don’t end up winning.

Unconditional love

Some parents shower children with effusive praise only when they win. This gives the impression to the child that they are worthy if they are successful only, which makes them less confident in their being, and naturally, it’s a problematic notion.

Lead by example

Children look up to their parents as the role model. If parents themselves suffer from self-esteem issues, are hard on themselves, are not confident enough, the child will not have anyone to learn confidence from.

So, practice what you preach. Learn to be kinder to yourself, love yourself, and work on making yourself more confident. This may be difficult, as it involves you coming out of your comfort zone, but you must.

If you continue to suffer from lack of confidence, especially if you have been subjected to toxic family or traumatic relationships, then you should also consider seeking help from a mental health expert, whom you can consult via



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