How Digitization Is Changing Education

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The evolution of information technology is changing every aspect of human life and education is one field where this is most evident. Interactivity and increased learning capabilities find their way into how children learn to think and funn as student

What Is Digitization?

Digitization converts conventional learning material such as text, images and audio into a digital form that computers can enhance. Once in digital form, reading material and data can take on an interactive form that allows educators to create new avenues of learning.

Digitization Methods in Education

Digitization enhances how students learn and makes teaching more efficient for educators. By using digital media, teachers can save time on effort-intensive tasks. Grading and creating tests and projects become faster while the educator can focus on how to instill valuable learning techniques in students.

Digit Textbooks

E-books are a popular method for audiences to consume content. This is passing onto the school community, where e-textbooks are increasing adoption. Besides being more environmentally friendly, digital textbooks provide a level of interactivity that is unparalleled.

With e-textbooks, students can click on links to supplementary content, watch videos embedded in the text and access other multimedia presentations that add to the subject matter.

Online Classes

Online classes allow students to expand their knowledge beyond the syllabus material. Whether taking an online course or interacting with other classrooms, using the internet as a communications tool broadens students’ horizons.

Students can complement their education with online courses that expand their field of knowledge. For example, students can take a foreign language class that pushes their proficiency beyond what they learn in their school classroom.

Online Exams

Online exams give teachers a convenient option for testing their students’ aptitude. However, conducting online exams can also sve classroom time by having students take tests as homework while class time is devoted to teaching.

By allowing students to take online exams, teachers enable students to learn resourceful skills like research and critical thinking. While in-person exams still have a place in education, online exams can improve the way students develop.


Animation can help explain complex concepts that are difficult for students to understand. For example, every child understands the world around them differently and knowing how to transfer knowledge to students is essential. For example, a visual representation of a complicated topic can allow students to internalize lessons on their terms rather than relying on what the teacher finds intuitive.

Digitization Software

Companies that offer software for schools are driving innovation in education. Blackbaud, a leader in the space, offers cloud solutions for K-12 schools.

As per Blackbaud, their software enables educators to:

  • Retain and attract families by providing a superior parent experience
  • Efficiently use cloud-based education management options.
  • Create a sustainable future by elevating your institution and driving an engaged constituent community
  • Enhance learning outcomes for students by equipping teachers with innovative education and communication tools
  • Gain unmatched insight into school performance to make better decisions, drive student outcomes, and tell your story.



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