Best Design Courses For Mechanical Engineers In India

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Mechanical Engineers

With the increasing use of machinery in almost every sector, engineering has a lot to offer. Mechanical engineering is one of the most popular subcategories of engineering that deals with designing a machine’s exterior and internal moving parts. Due to the widespread use of machinery equipment, it is in high demand.

Students are also opting the engineering courses with high interest. This led to increased competition in this sector. Companies are hiring candidates with some additional technical skills whose resumes look impressive. That’s why students should enhance their resumes by enrolling in extracurricular activities. To improve your resume, what can be better than designing courses?

Designing courses is one of the best ways to make your resume more impressive and increase your chances of hiring. Various design courses are available for mechanical engineers that they can opt to add to their resumes. Some of the best design courses for mechanical engineers are suggested below. The interested candidates can choose the one they like to do based on their interests. There are the best design courses for mechanical engineers in Bangalore who are offering certification and suitable job vacancies for the candidates.

India’s s best designing courses For Mechanical Engineers

Here is a list of some of the best design courses that mechanical engineers can choose from.

  • Automotive Body Design

This design course focuses on creating the exterior of automobiles such as motorcycles, buses, vans, trucks, cars, etc. The program would include concept design, benchmarking, sizing and proportions, clay model development, product planning, and research. Those who are willing to enter the automobile industry can go through this course which is highly in demand. The companies are providing suitable vacancies for the desired candidates.

  • Aircraft Body Design

Since man took his first flight, the aviation industry has significantly grown globally. Since then, more and more people have been moving forward in this industry. Companies are also creating more airplanes with various new features. Hence, this aircraft design course includes all the concepts regarding the manufacturing of planes and their performance. Additionally to having a wide range of opportunities, this field also pays well.

  • Computer-aided design course

Computer-aided design courses are among the most popular courses in the IT sector. This program consists of the concepts and theories required to create software. Also, it includes working with various design software such as AutoCAD and CAD. The IT sectors hire software developers and pay a significant amount to the employees.

  • Fire Fighting Design

Before the clearance of any building, fire safety plays a crucial role that is taken into account. Hence a proper water supply system is built to ensure fire safety in the building. This fantastic course has a wide range of courses accessible to train a mechanical engineer. The study shares certain parallels with plumbing because of the use of pipes, tubes, and taps. There is a significant need for trained professionals in this sector.

  • Instructional Design

You might be unfamiliar with this course, but this topic is nevertheless vital. In this course, students can learn how to design an educational approach that aids in transmitting and applying knowledge. The program includes instructional design background and focuses on working with numerous models utilized in the process, such as the ADDIE approach and rapid prototyping.


So, here we have provided some of the top design courses that mechanical engineers can choose to add a skill to their resumes. The courses are not only limited to these, but there are other courses you can search for. There are various other mechanical engineering design courses in Chennai that are helping students to make their careers in many industries.

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