AutoCAD 2023 Released: New Features & Changes

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how to change the font in AutoCAD
how to change the font in AutoCAD

Autodesk just unveiled the brand-new AutoCAD 2023, which includes updates and new features. These adjustments were made, according to Dania El Hassan, director of AutoCAD Product Management, “to ensure that users’ time in AutoCAD continues to be productive and efficient.”

The AutoCAD update for this year is nothing new, but the adjustments will speed up work for regular AutoCAD users. According to Autodesk, this upgrade makes use of machine learning to enhance processes based on how users engage with the sophisticated CAD software. This is especially evident in the brand-new Macro Advisor function, which was included to the My Insights feature in earlier iterations and employed machine learning to assist users in streamlining operations.

So, without any delay, here are the most important new features and changes to Autodesk’s AutoCAD 2023. If you wish to know how to change the font in AutoCAD, this is your guide.

Macro Consultant

Autodesk is about to create customised macros for you in AutoCAD if you haven’t already done so to make your life easier. In AutoCAD 2023, My Insights will be improved and use machine learning to detect when a user performs the same task frequently and recommend a macro to make it simpler. A straightforward “copy rotate previous” function is used in the AutoCAD release notes to demonstrate how restaurant seats are arranged.

By quickly photographing handwritten notes using the AutoCAD mobile app and then selecting what they wish to make into a trace layer, users can integrate paper feedback via markup import. You may immediately bring in PDF files. Annotations acquire a trace layer when they are imported, and users can modify how transparent they are while working based on comments.

LISP Routines in AutoCAD Web & Mobile

The online DWG editor from Autodesk, AutoCAD Web, now uses LISP functions. Users have the option to download, rename, load into the drawing, have LISP procedures execute at programme startup, and set LISP routines to do so. Like AutoCAD desktop, AutoCAD Web can run LISP programmes from the command line.

It’s fantastic that this release addresses the AutoCAD web application. People who don’t use AutoCAD can also access the cloud-based DWG application, although it’s unclear if this will always be the case. It currently means that LISP routines can be used by free users as well.


Users can now select what is counted and how they wish to interact with counted objects by using the revised Count functionality. Now, users have the option of creating their own regions for the count feature or selecting an existing boundary object.

Users can quickly choose the entirety of a counted item to make any necessary modifications once it has been completed. Users can pick the entirety of an object that has been tallied even after the dialog box has been closed because this is compatible with count tablets.

Finally, Count supports text and hatches. Despite having similar shapes, the feature can distinguish between text and hatches.


Visit Autodesk’s website to learn more about the new features and modifications coming to AutoCAD in 2023. People also look out for AutoCAD online courses with certificates.

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