6 Ways To Know If You Are Running The Original Windows 7 or Pirated Windows 7

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Windows 7

This article will serve as a guide for anyone who is running a pirated version of Windows 7 and wants to know how they can determine if they are running the original Windows 7 or not pirated. It is a fact that the Windows 7 operating system has been pirated and stolen by many people. These are many ways to check if your computer has original or pirated Windows 7. However, these are not foolproof methods for knowing for sure if you are running original Windows or not. If you want to be 100% sure that you have an authentic copy of Windows 7 on your computer, there are a few more steps that you should take before installing it onto your system.

1) Search for the product key sticker on the bottom of your computer case. If there is no sticker, then the software was pirated. If there is a sticker, then you have an authentic copy of Windows 7.

2) Pirated copies of Windows are becoming more and more common. Look for an installation CD in the box when you purchased it. If there is no CD, then your copy of Windows was pirated. A pirated copy of Windows may not include an installation CD.

3) Make sure that the Windows 7 logo on your computer’s case has been attached with adhesive or any other type of material, like a sticker or decal. If it does not have this logo attached to it, then your copy of Windows 7 is pirated.

4) Check for any watermarks on the screen or anywhere else on the system that indicate that the software is fake and pirated. These can be found at boot-up of your computer or in other places around your system while running the software. If they are present, then your copy of Windows 7 is likely a fake and might contain malware as well.

5) Check to see if anyone has modified anything about how Windows 7 operates or installs itself during its first boot up process of installation. This can prove difficult because some users might find modifications in their operating system while others might not find anything at all after running through these tests several times throughout their computing session with Windows 7 installed on their systems.

6) Check your Windows License Keys to make sure your Windows 7 original or pirated. Most of the time some downloaded Windows use an inbuilt program called “windows 7 loader” to activate and make sure you have installed original or pirated software. Only a genuine key will work on the original Windows or not a pirate one.

After following these steps and verifying that your copy of Windows 7 is authentic, you can go ahead and install it onto your computer. If for any reason it is not authentic, then you can either contact Microsoft or take the computer back to where you purchased it from for them to help resolve the issue. If you want to download original copy of windows 7 then visit Compressware blog or official Microsoft website.

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