Why hire recruitment agencies? What are the benefits?

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recruiting agencies in Saudi Arabia

It is necessary for all organizations, be it small or big to hire employees at some point of time in different profiles and departments. To make the process easy and quick, it will be useful to hire recruitment service or agency. Different types of services are available presently. The question is do you need to hire such services and how to make the most of your investment.

Costs involved in hiring

The fact is hiring does cost a good amount of money per employee. A part of the expense goes towards lost productivity and training. However, a major portion is involved in recruiting process. Business owners and HR mangers discuss on opening advertising, interviewing, hours spent screening, background checking, re-interviewing, etc. Frequently, HR departments are required to such steps to initiate the process again. Employing on-roll, dedicated recruiter will provide you with a good idea of the annual investment involved. Are their perks/benefits/salaries amortized over hire amounts annually? But this is stated to be just the fraction of the costing factor.

Why hire recruitment agency?

In small organizations, employees’ time gets stretched thin. Hence, in-house recruitment is found to be a costly investment. Without dedicated recruiter in place, other staff members will only be wasting their precious work time to seek the right candidates. This is where the leading recruiting agencies in Saudi Arabia can help.

Know your company hiring needs

Prior to discussing with the recruitment agency, it will be essential to first know your specific hiring needs. This way, you can derive the very best from their services.


Perhaps, your business requires regular hiring of employees, say once a month. Someone might be presently carrying out most of the recruitment process. They are trained to screen as well as interview candidates compliantly. However, they will require assistance to get candidates to walk into the office. For each job opening, you can expect a good number of resumes dropping in which is plenty of screening. Even if 5 minutes is spent checking on each cover letter/resume, then the hiring staff is likely to send more than 6 hours going through them to identify an eligible candidate. However, half of such resumes can be found to be from unqualified candidates. This means three good hours are wasted.

But the recruitment agency can lighten up the load when screening is concerned. Hence, dedicate time and focus on qualified candidates only.


Maybe your business hires infrequently, like once or twice annually. This will mean hiring on-roll staff will be a costly affair. Rather, you can take help of the recruitment agency who can get choice of candidates. They will also screen them to only push the right ones suitable for the job and provide assurance. This will make your task seem minimal. You can also set up meetings and find out if the candidates do make a good fit as well as to complete the hiring process.


It could be that you are upsizing, enjoy high turnover or require to hire employees for seasonal and multiple spots. You do need expert assistance. A few agencies are well-equipped to cater the growing demands and rush of their clients. They can easily deal with such volumes. These agencies are also licensed to work with foreign workers, community agencies and various outreach programs to assist with huge staffing needs.


Hiring frequently means posting ads to attract potential candidates, interviewing, verifying as well as filling up a spot! Juggling all these can be a tough task. It will be great to have the entire department to work on this hiring aspect. However, your budget might not permit it. In such cases, the recruiting firm may act as your HR department. The professionals will take your responsibility, thus freeing your staff. They can ensure providing quality employees instead of following quantity, thereby saving resources, money and time.

Fill up jobs and not interview slots

The task of the best recruitment agencies in Saudi Arabia is not to book interviews, but to fill up jobs. This is what they charge their clients for. It is better to get hold of a few candidates, however, with each one being well qualified and talented. The recruiting agency tries to know their clients well, the skill set demanded, etc. They do assist with hiring new grads including seasoned workers. A reputed recruitment agency is one who will go out of the way to help their clients get the best candidates and also provide valuable suggestions, thereby developing good, long-term, relationship.

Trial and Snare

It might be that some key team member is compelled to take a medical or family leave. In such a case, a temp will have to be hired to fill up the vacant spot. There is no other choice. This can be an opportunity for screening someone present within the company for another vacancy. Good workers, gelling well with the team can be cross-trained during temp stint. Perhaps, they can make a good fit.

Temp-to-perm is likely to be a great fit if there develops a position taking much longer time than 30-to-60-day trial period for training purpose. For some openings, it might take a few months to find out if the candidate is found suitable or not. Temp-to-perm offers longer trial period. In case, this strategy fails, then instead of firing them directly, just allow the agency to do it. They also provide with adequate replacements.

In case, the temp-to-perm candidates are found to be perfect, then get into a contract. Pay a particular fee to get that candidate on your company’s payroll. Based on the buyout period, consider leaving these candidates as temps for a long time possible. Retaining them as agency employee allows you to spread out buyout cost. Also, you get to extend their probationary period. As they are switched onto your company’s payroll, initiate regular, own, probationary period!

This way, you can benefit immensely by hiring services offered by the top recruitment agency. But then make sure they cater to your particular domain.


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