What are the best ways you can remodel your kitchen?

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A cluttered, dull, unclean kitchen is a major source of negative vibe in the home. A kitchen is referred to as the heart of the home because it’s the place where fondest memories are made, relationships are born, and it’s also the secret to you and your family’s well being. Therefore, if you are wondering about revamping your kitchen decor, avoid paint at least once and use kitchen laminates to see the difference. 

Nonetheless, it requires exploring a lot of ideas, research work, and creativity to redesign a kitchen in modern times. The main issues that need to be managed at first are the elimination of the clutter, making designs for ample working space, equal distribution of light when it’s a compact kitchen, and ensuring that the surfacing and worktops meet the functionality and aesthetic quotient. 

In such scenarios, the best material that one can count on for solving all these problems is laminate. Laminates can be found in various types as well as they can be used for various applications. Learn more about the different ways you can use laminates to enhance the overall beauty of your kitchen décor. 

Here are some pro tips that will help you narrow down your kitchen décor design without much hassle. 

Your cabinets deserve a much-needed change 

The advantage of cabinets is you have the choice of having open cabinets or just a normal closed system in your kitchen area. Although open cabinets are generally preferred in modern themes, a closed cabinet appears both neat and ordered at the same time. Besides, it is advisable to use high gloss laminate as they not only look striking, but also make your kitchen design seem elegant. Royale Touche has a gorgeous range of high gloss kitchen laminate that is a must-see for homeowners thinking of redesigning their kitchen area in the days ahead. These laminates are easy to maintain as they can be cleaned easily with soft fabrics to keep them shining throughout the year.  

On the other hand, if you’re not a fan of glossy appearance, check out the matt finish laminates that add a touch of sophistication to kitchen décor. Even though glossy laminates are ideal for a kitchen that lacks adequate natural light, matt laminates are considered best because of their velvety-textured sophisticated finish. The softened dark colours take kitchen designs to the next level. However, they should be placed under light to create the ideal effect. 

Furthermore, ensure that you’re selecting the right colours as they impact the overall aesthetics of the design. For instance, if you feel inspired by the bold red in your neighbour’s kitchen, it will make your kitchen area look smaller. 

Royale Touche never compromises on safety when it comes to laminate sheets for the kitchen. They are made with fire-retardant material, making them difficult to ignite, and hence, they aren’t easily flammable. Besides, they are self-extinguishing when the fire source is removed and they don’t generate any toxic gas in the event of a fire. In other words, these laminates are best suited for kitchen spaces as they make them the safest place to be in. 

Designing the countertops

The countertops always play a major role in the overall visual appearance of a kitchen. Also, the fastest way to make a stylish impact on the kitchen design is to improve the appearance of the countertops. Since this is the place that bears most of the workload of the kitchen, only premium materials should be installed so that it remains indifferent to chopping, cutting, or any other action performed on it. 

In that case, it would be wise to choose high-pressure laminates because they are not only resistant to scratch, they’re also resistant to moisture and bacteria growth. Check out the Royale Touche laminate catalogue to choose the best laminate for your countertops. 

Have you thought of the kitchen wall?

The kitchen holds great importance if you’re serious about enhancing the overall kitchen décor. It’s a fact that kitchen walls are overlooked in most homes, but considering them while designing will only do good to the overall décor. Explore the wide range of kitchen laminate designs in the Royale Touche catalogue to choose laminates that are stain, scratch, and impact-resistant, making them ideal for kitchen walls.   

Finally, don’t forget to consider edge banding of laminates where thin laminate strips finish the exposed sides of the cabinets. It offers a sleek look to the cabinet as well as protects the core material from moisture. Remember to match the colour and size of the strips to that of the rest of the cabinet. 

In the end, nothing feels better when you can cook your favourite dish in an elegant and ordered environment. Not only does it create the best spot for parties thrown, but it also becomes a sweet spot of your home for a lifetime. 

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