The Best Instagram Notes Ideas For Influencers

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Best Instagram Notes

Instagram Notes are a great way to engage your followers in the DMs. They’re not as pushy as ads or Stories, and can be posted to all your followers or only those you follow back.

They’re also short (60-character) updates that disappear after 24 hours. Brainstorming ideas for Instagram Notes can be done using mind mapping, free writing, word association, and more.

Motivational Quotes

Instagram recently rolled out Notes, a new feature that allows users to share short, snappy messages with their followers and close friends. Notes appear at the top of their followers’ DM inboxes for 24 hours, and are a great way to share updates without having to create a full-on post or Story.

Since Instagram Notes are limited to 60 characters, they’re a perfect platform for sharing inspirational quotes. You can use these quotes to encourage your followers to keep pushing themselves and achieve their goals, or simply to lift their spirits when they’re feeling down.

However, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to Instagram Notes ideas. To make sure you’re maximizing your potential for engagement, try to experiment with different tactics until you find what works best for your audience. Below are some ideas to get you started.

Movie Lines

Instagram recently launched Notes, a 60-character text-based update that’s shown to your followers for 24 hours in the top of their app’s Inbox section. The feature allows you to share thoughts, feelings or updates without the need for a photo or video post, and you can choose who sees your notes.

Using Instagram notes to communicate with your audience can help you stand out amongst other content, but it’s important to be creative and find new ways to engage your followers. To get inspired, you can use techniques such as mind mapping, free writing, word association, and the “5 Whys” technique.

You can also try different themes, such as movie lines, to make your Instagram notes interesting and engaging. Below are some great Instagram Notes ideas to get started:


Instagram notes are a new feature that allows users to share text-based updates with their followers. These short updates appear for a limited time at the top of the DM list and are viewable only by you and your selected “Close Friends.” They can be used to share thoughts, feelings, and news with your closest followers. These messages can also spark conversations and build relationships online.

In order to craft the perfect Instagram Note, you need to come up with interesting ideas. There are many ways to generate Instagram Note ideas, including using mind mapping, freewriting, and word association. Brainstorming methods can also include the “5 Whys” technique, reverse the role technique, and visual inspiration boards.

Instagram has recently added a 30-second music option to its Notes feature, which only previously supported text and emojis. You can now add a song to your Note and a caption that will accompany it, which your Close Friends will be able to hear when they scroll through your DMs. The addition of music makes Instagram Notes a great tool for sharing your favorite tracks with friends.

Flirty Pick-Up Lines

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but sometimes you need more to catch people’s attention. If you’re looking to spice up your Instagram notes, here are some fun and unique ideas.

Instagram’s Notes feature lets you share short updates with your followers, similar to the Instagram Stories format. They’ll appear in the Inbox section of your Instagram app and disappear after 24 hours. They’re a great way to connect with your audience and get to know them better.

You can use Instagram notes to share things you’re grateful for, quotes that inspire you, or even a simple note with some text and emojis. The important thing is to be authentic and let your personality shine through.

There are many ways to brainstorm Instagram Notes ideas, including mind mapping, freewriting, word association, the “5 Whys” technique, reverse the role, and visual inspiration boards. You can also find ideas by reading, traveling, or using trending hashtags. The key is to keep experimenting with new content until you find what works best for your clients and their audience.

Number Trend

Instagram Notes are a great way to communicate with your followers. The platform allows you to share a short message that will be displayed to your audience for 24 hours. These notes can be used to update your followers about current activities, thoughts, or events. As an influencer, you can use these updates to engage with your audience and build a connection with them.

One of the most popular Instagram Notes trends involves sharing a code number in your note. Each code represents a letter of the alphabet. The trend has recently spread to TikTok, where users are sharing code numbers like o22 or o45 in their notes, bios, and comments. This trend is perfect for flirting, and many people are using it to express their love for their crushes.

This slyly coded way of flirting is a fun way to show your crush how much you care, and it’s also a good way to keep up with your friends. We expect to see this trend continue to grow as more people try it out.

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