Responsibilities of a Student Towards School

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Every student loves his/her school because there they learn a lot of good stuff. There they have their most favourite peers, with whom they enjoy learning, completing various assignments and projects, excretions and other school activities. Kids are supposed to get education in a school environment which they get in an efficient manner in most of the schools. Schools also provide as many facilities to the students as they can like in their online facilities. Schools are providing some assisting tools to the students like LMS (learning management system) and ERP (enterprise resource planning) to help the students in their learning process.

But is it only the responsibility of the school towards the children, do the children not have any responsibility towards the school? In my opinion school is the temple of education for the children so, yes, they have some grave responsibilities towards their school which they should handle with complete focus in order to be a good student. Schools also provide students the opportunities to improve their personality as well as their social knowledge also so they should also handle their responsibilities towards their school. So, let’s understand the responsibilities of a student towards school.

All the students and kids of the whole world have the right to education and so they have some responsibilities to fulfil towards their education institution. Students usually behave very mischievously in school because being with peers they feel fun to do some mischief and break the discipline but it is their responsibility that they should respect their tutors and all the senior and junior staff of the school management. Because each and every person recruited there is for the betterment and help of the students so they should try their best to not to distract, interrupt and bother the learning and teaching process of these important people of the school administration anyhow. School is that temple of learning in the life of the students where they learn almost everything related to various types of knowledge.

Even the walls of the classroom are filled with educational elements and school administration also provides students with tools Like ERP and LMS which help the students in their learning a lot. Therefore, students should respect the properties of the school with utmost sincerity. They should respect the property of the school like library, benches, chairs, school building, computer room, bathroom and auditorium etc. It is so because school management arranges all these facilities for the students in order to facilitate them and their learning process.

Students must be very punctual because a lesson is taught to them in school that “time and tide wait for none”. Therefore, they should respect the value of time and should arrive at school on time to attend the classes timely. Students need to handle all their responsibilities timely like they should complete their homework timely and should never waste their time on useless things and should organize all their study materials related to their next day classes as assigned in their time table according to their syllabus.

Tutors do a lot of efforts in order to search for best content for every subject they teach to the students in order to avail them the latest and best content related to their subjects so it becomes the responsibility of the students that they should complete the assignments and projects given by their tutors because they design such assignments and projects by keeping the fact in concern that by doing those assignments and projects students will be able to understand the lessons deeply because while doing such assignments and projects students have to search about the topics and its details by themselves due to which they memorize all the details of the topics itself and they don’t have to prepare much for the exams aside.

Students should handle the responsibility of their own safety and safety and cleanliness of their classrooms so they need to leave their classroom neat and clean while leaving for home and should inform the tutor and principal office if they have to leave the school before time due to any emergency. Schools design disciplinary codes for the students to make them good human beings and citizens hence it is the grave responsibility of the students to follow those disciplinary codes of school.

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