Physiotherapy at Home for Back Pain – All You Need to Know!

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physiotherapy at home Dubai

Physical therapy has been incredible for treating problems with joints and muscles. The use of physical methods such as massage, exercise, or heat treatment is a way to treat patients using physical therapy.

Picking up an injury or a muscle pull is common and physical treatments are excellent. And the happiness and satisfaction grow stronger if you can get physiotherapy at home Dubai treatment while having full-fledged convenience and comfort of your home.

This treatment is without drugs or medications and mostly focuses on the physical measures to recover the patient from the tormenting pain. Therefore, physiotherapy at home is gaining incredible attention since it plays an important role in helping people return to their regular routine and enjoy their days without worrying about the pain.

Furthermore, the necessity of physiotherapy is beyond all suspicions and questions. People who have suffered a deadly injury, elderly people, and others who have dislocations in body muscles, etc., are the people to benefit from physiotherapy treatments. There are plenty of benefits of physical therapy as it helps against back pain, muscle dislocation, or even post-surgery recovery. This treatment for patients helps in maintaining and focusing on the patient’s well-being is a matter of time through the right exercises and movements.

Medical Reasons for Back Pain

There are several medical conditions for back pain, and includes a slipped disc, Sciatica, ankylosing spondylitis, Spondylolisthesis, etc. However, physiotherapy is the best solution for all of these medical conditions.

1.    Slipped Disc

Slipped disc can happen in any part of your spine, from the topmost part of your neck to the lower back. However, the lower back is generally one of the common areas for slipped disc issues. It is better to understand that the lower area of our spine is a twisted network of different nerves and blood vessels. And the slipped disc can cause extreme pressure on the nerves and muscles around it. However, slipped discs can be treated through perfect physiotherapy measures at home. Having said this, here are a few methods to do;

  • Physical therapies help in treating the slipped disc. When you do exercise and stretch your body while exercising, the muscle stretches and strengthens and return back to its position in a matter of time.
  • The exercises involved in physical treatment at home in Dubai help in recovering the patient from a slipped disc.

2.    Sciatica

Talking of another medical reason for back pain is Sciatica, which is caused by irritation or compression of the sciatic nerve. It begins from the lower back, slides deep into the buttock, and travels down the leg, causing impossible for the person to move or go about normal work. Let’s not worry about this, as physiotherapy at home from the professional physiotherapists would just do the game in favor of you. How?

  • The physical methods at home would put you into flexible exercises to focus on stretches on the lower back for sciatic pain relief.
  • The physiotherapist might also put cold packs on your lower back and then switch to hot packs for a few days to improve muscle movement.

3.    Ankylosing Spondylitis

Ankylosing spondylitis is another medical reason for the back that causes stiffness in your spin and results in extreme pain. Not treating this medical reason would result severely as it leads to damaging the joints in other parts of the body as well. And physiotherapy at home for ankylosing spondylitis becomes a matter of pivotal significance.

  • The physiotherapist would perform exercises that would relieve the pain and recover the issue.
  • The right movement for the joint in between the base of your spine and pelvis would be saved through the right physical exercises performed under the supervision of a physiotherapist at home.

4.    Spondylolisthesis

Spondylolisthesis is a major medical reason for back pain that happens in the lower back area of your spine. People with extreme physical activities can often catch Spondylolisthesis, such as playing football, weightlifting, track and field, gymnastics, etc. Moreover, it is also being researched that Spondylolisthesis is because by a fracture in the vertebra, which is still not fallen into the lower bone of your spine. However, this issue can easily be resolved through physiotherapy at home in Dubai.

5.    Other Non-Medical Reasons

There are some non-medical reasons too that lead to extreme back pain. These include injury, lack of exercise or physical movement in life, obesity, poor posture, prolonged sitting, lifting of heavy things, age factors, kidney stones, body tumors, and unnoticed infections. Here most of them get easily treated through the physical therapies at home by certified and trained physiotherapists.

Benefits of Physiotherapy at Home for Back Pain

Having learned about a few of the medical and non-medical reasons that cause back pain, here are a few of the benefits that you can get through physiotherapy at the home, office, or hotel in Dubai;

1.    Get Personalized Treatment

The physiotherapy at home service is excellent for people looking to get convenient and personalized treatment right in the comfort of their homes or hotels. The physiotherapists would certainly devise a plan for you that is personalized and customized according to your body and pain.

2.    Reduce Pain

Getting physical therapy service at home ensures that your pain gets reduced while you have minimal hassle. The use of electric stimulation to restore your muscle and body functions has been done at this point. Moreover, exercises for stretching and providing strengthening muscles are of great focus here.

3.    Restore Mobility

The physiotherapist at home are trained and certified professionals to perform the exact plan for your recovery. They will find out the cause by understanding the symptoms and physical condition. Using their top-notch practices, they will restore mobility and flexibility.

The Final Takeaway!

Taking physiotherapy at home when you have extreme muscle, joint, or body pain is significant as the sooner you start treating yourself, the better it is. Whether you are a patient or an elderly person, physiotherapy provides relief to patients and all ages. From joint pain to muscle pain, nerve problems to back pain, and obesity to neck pain, physiotherapy is the best answer.

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