Make someone dream of you spell

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Let’s talk about a spell called a make someone dream of you spell today. Why would you need this spell? To attract another person’s attention. For example, before your crus falls in love with you, he should find you an interesting person, then he should come to believe you’re a nice and cool person to be around, and eventually he should feel sexually attracted to you. Falling in love is a long process. Two people can fall in love with each other at first sight only if they’re destined to be together.

They’re brought together by fate. Such people loved each other in their past lives and in this life they meet again to be together until their last breath. Such relationships are very rare. Usually partners see each other for the first time, so they need to get to know each other quite well to fall in love with each other. Their relationship will progress later when they go on dates, accept each other’s flaws, build trust, and love each other.

In the meantime, our goal is to attract another person’s attention with magic and make your crush dream of you.To learn more about them and share this information with you, we visited one of the best occult platforms today. It’s a website founded by spellcaster Maxim who comes from a cohort of ritual practitioners casting the most complex spells.

The rituals described below are neither complicated nor dangerous. While selecting them, we made sure they couldn’t harm even beginning magic practitioners. It doesn’t mean though that you can perform them the way you like without following the basic rules of magic. Read our previous articles about safe magic practice tips to learn how to prepare for and perform magic rituals. Since the part where we discuss the theory in detail has already been provided, let’s get to the practical part and talk about the rituals to make someone dream of you. ​

Make someone dream of you spell

A make someone dream of you spell should be cast on the fourth day of the week which is Thursday and only when there’s a waning moon in the sky. For a more powerful ritual, set up an altar. Take a square board or cardboard and prepare a “cover” for it. Make some notes with the words of love for the person you want to put this spell on. Every note should be different, yet each note should contain your name and the name of the person you love, for example:

“Dear NAME OF THE PERSON YOU LOVE, I, YOUR NAME, love you very much!”

You should have enough notes to cover both sides of your altar. Glue the notes face up. Your notes should be written with a red pen or marker, as well as be free of grammatical errors, abbreviations and slang words.

Importantly, if the native language of the person you love is different from your native language, half the notes should be written in this person’s native language, even if he or she speaks your language fluently. If you can’t write in that language, find a translator and then just copy the sentences translated.

Then let your altar dry for a couple of days and start your ritual. Light the thicker end of a white candle to melt some wax. Naturally, the candle should be purchased at an occult store. Put it on the edge of your altar. Take a mirror which should also be bought at an occult store and put it against the candle. Put two more candles at the opposite side of your altar – a white candle to represent the person you love and a red candle to represent you. Put your photo next to the red candle and a photo of your crush next to the white candle. Both the photos should face the mirror.

Make sure that when you in your photo look in the mirror, you see the reflection of the photo of the person you love. Similarly, the picture of the subject should see your picture reflected in the mirror. It’s not easy to achieve, so take your time and be careful. The better you do it, the more effective your make him dream of me spell will be.

When everything’s ready (this is done after the sunset), turn the light off and light the candles in the room. Then say the following spell:

“Every time you (your loved one’s name) look in the mirror, you’ll see not your reflection but mine (your name). This is when my love will enter your heart, setting it on fire and making you think and dream of me. I’ll be the most important person in your life and dreaming of me won’t let you sleep. The spell will impact you like candle light impacts the darkness and moonlight impacts the planet at night until the mirror is broken.”

Repeat this spell 9 times (learn it by heart in advance), blow the candles out with one blow, and continue your usual routine. Don’t put away the altar and everything you put on it. It should stay the way it is till next Thursday which should also be a new moon. If the spell doesn’t work, you should cast it again. Recast the spell until your crush shows genuine interest in you and comes to really like you.

If you cast this spell many times but it still doesn’t bring the desired result, it means you’re not meant to practice love magic, which means you should work with a professional spellcaster who can give you exactly what you want with the right spells, from a casual relationship with the person you’re in love with to a marriage proposal.

How to make someone dream about you spell simple

The second ritual belongs to modern voodoo magic and is cast with a gris-gris bag. Like any other occult items, the bag should be purchased at a magic store. Despite many Internet users suggesting making one at home, it makes absolutely no sense because homemade gris-gris bags have no magical powers.​

To begin with, charge the gris-gris bag with the energy of nature. For this reason you should go to several different places and find some items to put into your gris-gris bag, such as, for example:

  • Go to a forest and pick up a pine cone and a few tree leaves;
  • Go to a river and pick up some sand;
  • Go to a lake and get some clay;
  • Go to the mountains and get a few stones;
  • Go to the sea and pick up a seashell;
  • Go to a park and pick up a beautiful flower.

You should visit seven different places and select and bring home something that makes you feel good and put it into your gris-gris bag. Then put your silver ring into the bag as well. Then fold and put your photo inside. The last thing to put is your hair. Cut a lock of hair with a pair of scissors made of silver, dip one end into the melted yellow wax, and put the hair inside the bag.

When your gris-gris bag is full, close it and bring it to the house where your crush lives and hide it in the bedroom making sure it can’t be found, such as behind the furniture or books. If you see a better place to hide it, hide it in there.

Now every evening put a picture of the person you love in front of yourself and say the following spells while looking this person in the eye,

“Think about me! Think about me! Think about me!”

You should be calm and relaxed while saying this spell. If needed, take a relaxing bath and listen to some relaxing music before the ritual. Do it for 10-15 minutes. When you cast a make someone dream of you spell, your energy won’t be scattered all over the universe but will go through the gris-gris bag straight into your loved one’s subtle bodies making this person think and dream of you.

Other methods of casting a how to make someone dream about you spell simple can be found on our blog where we publish hundreds of different love spells and other rituals to solve a wide range of problems encountered by our readers.

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