Is Student Visa Extension Australia Possible in 2022?

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Is your Student Visa 500 going to expire soon? Do you want to apply for a Student Visa extension in Australia? Then you’re at the right place. As we’re going to pen down the details of a Student Visa and how you can extend it.

Student Visa 500

A Student Visa 500 is for international students who want to study in Australia. If you’re enrolled in the course of study, you can apply to visa 500. It’s a temporary visa. You can live and study in Australia for up to 5 years. Applicants for a visa 500 can also bring their family to Australia.

Whether you live in or outside Australia, applying for visa 500 is simple. The cost of a Student Visa is AUD 630 unless you’re exempt. You must provide evidence of enrollment in the course of study with your Student Visa application. Applicants above 6 years of age can apply for visa 500.

You must intend to come to Australia temporarily. You should be a genuine temporary entrant. You must return to your homeland after completing your studies in Australia. Visa 500 allows you to travel from and to Australia as many times as you want. Though, you can avail of this multiple travel facility until your visa is valid.

Is Student Visa Extension Australia Possible in 2022?

Student Visa 500 is a temporary visa. A Student Visa extension Australia isn’t possible. You can stay in Australia for maximum 5 years with a visa 500. The stay period depends on the length of your course as well. Most students enrolled in primary school in years 1-4 will only be granted a visa 500 for a maximum of 3 years.

If you want to continue your studies in Australia, you must apply for a new Student Visa. If your visa 500 expires before graduation, you might be eligible for a Visit Visa 600. You must obtain a letter from your education provider indicating your graduation date.

You can’t extend your Student Visa 500 in Australia. Though, you can find many other visa options to stay longer in Australia. Australia offers a Temporary Graduate Visa 485 as well. If you hold or have held a visa 500 in the last 6 months, you might be eligible for a visa 485. Further, recent engineering graduates from a recognized institute might apply for a Skilled Recognition Graduate 476 Visa.

Work Hours Extension on Student Visa 500

Once you get a Student visa 500, you can work in Australia along with your studies. According to previous policies, international students could work when their course starts. They could only work for 40 hours per fortnight in Australia.

After Covid-19, Australia is facing labor shortages in some sectors. Many international students had to leave Australia in 2020 due to Coronavirus. As the Australian Government has opened its borders again in 2022. It has also relaxed the working hours on Student Visa.

International Student Visa holders are allowed to work for unlimited hours in Australia. Under the new policies, international students can start working even before the commencement of their course. There’s no 40-hours work restriction on visa 500 currently. International students can work for additional hours in any sector in Australia.

Australia has temporarily lifted the work hour limit for international students across all sectors. This policy also applies to secondary visa holders. The purpose of this step is to support Australian businesses and address labor shortages. However, these changes are temporary and will be reviewed by the Australian Government in April 2022.

Student Visa Processing Time

The Department of Home Affairs processes Student Visa applications according to different sectors. These sectors and their processing time is below.

Foreign Affairs or Defence Sector

  • 25% of applications 7 days
  • 50% of applications 14 days
  • 75% of applications 29 days
  • 90% of applications 57 days

Postgraduate Research Sector

  • 25% of applications 15 days
  • 50% of applications 28 days
  • 75% of applications 3 months
  • 90% of applications 6 months

Non-Award Sector

  • 25% of applications in less than 1 day
  • 50% of applications 2 days
  • 75% of applications 14 days
  • 90% of applications 22 days

Schools Sector   

  • 25% of applications 17 days
  • 50% of applications 29 days
  • 75% of applications 59 days
  • 90% of applications 5 months

Independent ELICOS Sector

  • 25% of applications 17 days
  • 50% of applications 28 days
  • 75% of applications 4 months
  • 90% of applications 115 months

Vocational Education and Training Sector

  • 25% of applications 26 days
  • 50% of applications 89 days
  • 75% of applications 7 months
  • 90% of applications 11 months

Higher Education Sector

  • 25% of applications 10 days
  • 50% of applications 9 days
  • 75% of applications 38 days
  • 90% of applications 5 months


Make sure you provide complete documents with your visa application. As the Department of Home Affairs refuses visa applications with incomplete documents. Your applications must contain authentic details. You must pay your application fee to complete the application process quickly.

Student Visa Extension Australia – Final Words!

A Student Visa 500 is best for international students who want to study in Australia. Many students want to stay in Australia even after their studies. They look for ways to extend their Student Visa. However, Student Visa Extension Australia isn’t possible. You might have to apply for a new Student Visa. Or else, you can apply for a Temporary Graduate Visa 485 to stay longer after your studies in Australia.



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