How to write texts for a blog? Comprehensive guide

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Do you have your own website and you are still thinking about starting a blog? If you are held back by the fact that you do not know how to write a good text – you already know that you will find the answer in this article. If, on the other hand, you are questioning whether it is worth writing a blog at all, it’s high time to change your attitude.

Step 1: Decide what you want to write about

One of the most difficult stages of starting a blog activity is defining the specific subject of the published content. How to prepare for it? It is worth creating a list of inspirations thanks to which specific topics will arise. For example, check keywords related to your industry. This way, you will provide your audience with answers to the questions they are actually looking for. Also check what content is being prepared by competing companies. Thanks to this, you will find out which texts work in your industry. Always be up to date with industry news as well. Based on these sources and your own ideas, create a list of potential topics for your blog.

Step 2: Narrow the topics with the greatest potential

Your goal is to create texts that will attract audiences and generate long-lasting traffic to your website. Therefore, it is worth checking the popularity of entered queries, as well as their seasonality. Prioritize the content that will bring you more traffic on the site. In order to compare the popularity of individual topics, you can use the free Google Trends tool.

Step 3: Write a text outline

What is the determinant of a well-written blog text? Consistency with the assumed topic and a clear answer to the question. If a reader visits your website, but does not find the answer to the question, you will lose a potential customer. To protect yourself from these, prepare a text outline in which you will point out the most important elements. Such a sketch will serve as the basis of the article.

Step 4: Verify the content

The preparatory point for publication is also the verification of the written text. It should be checked primarily in terms of content and once again make sure that it comprehensively and clearly answers the question that is important to the reader. You can ask a trusted person or colleague to read the written text. An external opinion allows you to take a fresh look and spot mistakes that the creator may not notice. You can also check the content with a plagiarism checker, and if there’s any issue, an online paraphrasing tool may come handy.

How to write texts for a blog? Summary


A company blog is a great support for sales and building a positive brand image, and yet it still seems to be underestimated. If you are looking for a way to increase conversions and increase customer trust, go for this solution. A well-planned blog with engaging, optimized texts is a powerful tool whose actions can bring long-term, positive results.

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