How to boost your Instagram following in 2023: Brand-building techniques

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Instagram following

How can I use Instagram to grow?

The quantity of followers has little bearing on whether sales are closed or whether new clients are attracted. Smaller towns offer more than 10,000 accounts for sale. How then? Based on an interaction plan, content strategy, follower care strategy, and another sales method.

Grab a pen and paper because i’ll be giving you some recommendations in this article on how to promote your company or personal brand on Instagram.

Improve your Instagram profile with a clever username.

Having an Instagram profile that is optimized is crucial.

The user must be aware of who you are, what you do, and what you can do for him before visiting your account.

The first step in getting followers interested in your brand through search is to optimize your profile name using a keyword.

For instance, my company’s Instagram account is @nortecreando, and its profile name is Sara | Digital marketing.

I do this so that the keyword “Digital Marketing” will show up in searches for it.

Biological data

It’s crucial that you provide an engaging description as well.

What ought to you contain?

  • The key selling point for your company
  • Call to action on the link that directs the user to a certain conversion. An ebook download, as an illustration.
  • If you are a local business and want to draw customers from a certain region, the location.
  • Emojis to arrange data and create a better visual impression

Highlighted content

The greatest method for showcasing your company is featured stories. Add contact options, such as a whatsapp connection, photographs of your shop, a display of your shop’s collections, etc.

Link Since we can only provide a clickable link on Instagram, we must maximize its use.

You can use Metricool’s smartlinks feature to integrate numerous links. So that you can go to the online pages that interest you the most.

Enlightening buttons

Include buttons with your contact details so others may quickly get in touch with you. Instagram allows you to add an email, phone, and direct message button.

Produce worthwhile content

An extremely visual network is Instagram. We consume content quickly, taking in a massive number of postings per minute.

People must be forced to begin standing atop your posts. Improve the text, the picture caption, and the pictures.

A content strategy can help you build a more trustworthy rapport with your audience. Take advantage of every option Instagram provides you with, including stories, posts, carousels, brief and lengthy videos, Reels or direct, etc.

To have fun, learn, and be inspired, we browse Instagram.

As a result, I advise against posting simply for the sake of publishing. Instead, you develop an editorial calendar with a goal and a plan centered on attracting clients (but not pure sales content).

The information provided will enable you to:

  • Build community by fostering trust
  • Reach out to your ideal client
  • Instead of publishing at the suggested times, choose the times that work best for your Instagram network.

To achieve this, examine your statistics and establish the ideal posting times for your Instagram account.

Publishing schedule

Consistency is one of the key elements of Instagram.

Although you don’t have to post every day, you must be consistent if you want your fans to remember you.

The algorithm used by Instagram to display posts takes into account users’ interests, the accounts you interact with, newness, engagement, and the first hour a post has been live before being displayed.

Because there is no ideal frequency, it is best to conduct testing. But always strive to maintain consistency in both the feed and the tales.

Spend money on advertising

At the moment, I am unable to imagine an Instagram strategy without some investment in advertising.

You may improve your visibility, increase website traffic, direct potential clients to your local business, collect leads, influence users who are interested in your goods or services, etc. Thanks to Instagram Ads.

One of the most crucial aspects of Instagram ads is the ability to build campaigns based on a strategy thanks to sales funnels.

They are marketing strategies with the goal of developing a connection with the user and manually guiding him toward conversion.

Conduct campaigns utilizing both macro- and micro-influencers

Although influencer marketing is still effective, it is pointless to work with influencers who do not share our company’s beliefs.

What then should you look for when hiring an influencer?

  • Analyze the papers to determine how many are our own and how many are from collaborations.
  • The caliber of the texts, images, and content
  • The typical number of remarks on brand- and self-published materials
  • Average likes per post from
  • Values of feedback quality accounts
  • Target market

As I have stated, being successful is not the same as having followers. Additionally, brands may spend money on influencers who don’t promote their goods or services or have ghost followers.

Interaction technique

To show up in your followers’ feeds, interaction is essential.

You need to build a community; publishing a publication and then disappearing from Instagram is not worthwhile.

  • Comment on comments
  • View other accounts and post insightful comments
  • Comment on stories
  • Tell stories to welcome your audience.

There is some content that works very effectively to generate interaction in your articles. For instance:

  • Introduce yourself to the new audience that visits your account and humanize your brand.
  • You impart knowledge on a subject you are an authority in to your followers.
  • In front of the cameras. You engage the neighborhood and demonstrate how you operate, how you develop a new collection, etc.
  • Additionally, it’s crucial that you pose specific queries in each post. Your followers will have a harder time responding to questions that are very general or have open-ended solutions.

Hashtag Techniques

Hashtags are used to group material under a brand and increase the visibility of high-quality articles and followers.

They have amazing usefulness, but only if you use tact.

Working with hashtags is best done in an excel document where the keywords are organized by category and search volume. You will be able to create the ideal mix and continually update them in this way.

You can select Goread terms for the research in the Instagram search and look at their volume, or you can utilize a program like In Tags.

With the help of this application, you may construct the ideal combination of keywords with the least amount of competition.

A logical and appealing feed

Instagram is a social media platform where images are valued highly.

Your feed is your letter of introduction, thus it needs to be organized and logical to catch users’ eyes.

How do you manage it?

Use the same edition and color scheme. Additionally, it’s crucial that you pay attention to the lighting and image arrangements.

Examine your Instagram profile.

To determine whether the steps you are taking are effective, it is crucial that you assess the performance of your account.

You can use the Metricool tool to accomplish this.

The following picture lets you quickly gauge how well your account is doing. It’s crucial that you watch for any odd spikes and determine what caused them.

The stats of your publications is another aspect that is highly intriguing.

  • Engaging communications
  • Scope\simpressions\spublications

Engagement is your followers’ dedication, interest, and participation. Since there is a distinct average for each industry, I advise you to look at your competitors’ involvement to see if yours is typical.

The following metrics for user actions on posts are also available for analysis:

The quantity of publications

One of the most crucial Instagram stats is comments and saves. You can see if the user is interested in your content by looking at this.

Guidelines for Instagram growth

In conclusion, persistence, interaction, and a sound content strategy are all necessary for Instagram growth.

Uploading “this product is available” or “purchase the new collection” posts serves no purpose. You must entertain and inspire your audience.

Furthermore, you cannot post a publication and then expect to receive comments. You must continue using the application in order to engage with your followers.

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