Home Décor 101: Using Iron & Steel Doors to Increase the Value of Your Home

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Steel Doors

Finding a house can be a super tiring, overwhelming, and difficult thing to do – especially if you can’t find what you’re looking for. 

However, once you do find a property worth investing in, the next thing you have to do is spend some time on the home décor to make it look like the perfect house. While some people upgrade their furniture, wall fixtures, paints, and other things around the house to make it look appealing, others will take a different approach. 

One smart way to infuse a little style into your crib is by incorporating stylish, elegant, and eye-catching iron and steel doors. These doors are a great addition to the overall aesthetic of your house. Most steel and iron doors are made with minimal and intricate frames, and employ large glass panels to make the doors appear larger, spacious, and divine. 

Several homeowners around the world are replacing their old, dingy, and unattractive wooden doors with iron and steel doors to create the perfect first impression on anybody who dares to visit them. Iron and steel doors have the power to completely transform your interior décor – all you need is to know which door can do the job! 

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular steel and iron door designs you can choose from! 

Top Iron Door Designs for the House 

French Iron Doors 

Did you ask for a traditional, elegant, and simplified design for your house? It’s time to grab one of the finest French doors. French doors are a great way to keep the vintage look while adding a bit of modernism to them. These doors carry intricate designs and can be customized to how little or how much iron you want to incorporate into the frame. 

Pair it with a glass panel of your choice, and you have the perfect door. You can use these iron doors for the front entrance of a house, closets, pantries, and so much more. 

Dutch Doors 

Another great design that you could use around the house would be Dutch doors. These iron doors are great for kitchen backdoors, or front doors for small condos. 

These doors are split in the middle, and therefore automatically improve the functionality of the door. You can open either half of the door according to what you need to do. If you’re receiving a parcel in the presence of an eager pet, all you’ve got to do is pop open the top half of the door, take your parcel, and voila – you’re done! 

It keeps your pets and kids inside, safe, and gives you the exceptional aesthetic for your house. 

Accordion Doors 

Accordion or bi-fold doors are a great addition to the house. These types of iron doors can easily fold to one corner, to create the illusion of never having a door in the first place. These bi-fold doors are more popularly utilized for patios, pantries, and other rooms that need a bit of privacy from the rest of the house. 

Top Steel Door Designs for the House 

Sliding Doors 

Steel doors are all the rage for interior décor – sliding doors being a top choice, have made their way to several different catalogs for homeowners. 

Sliding doors are the perfect choice for any space in the house that can’t support a hinged or pivot doors. These sliding doors are a popular choice for closets, patios, pantries, and so much more. 


Barn Doors 

Another great way to save some extra space is by using barn doors in various parts of the house. Barn doors help you bring a little bit of countryside inside the house. Barn doors run across a metal ledge placed on the top of a door cavity.

Barn doors don’t require pivots or hinges which makes them the perfect option for tight spots such as pantries, closets, or even bathroom doors. Barn doors come in several different designs, and you can customize them to match the overall aesthetics of the house. 

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Pocket Doors 

If you’re still looking into finding the perfect door for the interior of your house, pocket doors might do the job. With pocket doors, you no longer have to leave any room uncovered because of the fear of making the house look small. 

Pocket doors are specially designed to help you create the perception that the door never existed if you opened one completely. These doors have a casement within the adjoining wall that is placed at the time of installation. It gives you the ease of depositing the door in the said cavity if the need ever arises. 

Pinky’s Catalog Keeping Your Interior Décor Updated 

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