Digital Media and the Continued Decline in Traditional Advertising Methods in 2022

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With the Existence of Digital Marketing in this Modernize World, the use of traditional Marketing is getting declined day by day. 

Companies are moving toward The Cost-Effective method which is providing them with More Growth and Making Them Earn More ROI with very Little Investment. 

Online Marketing has rapidly grown in our World and had provided Unbelievable Benefits in This Digital Age to every Single individual, Business, and Service. 

Comparison between Traditional and Digital Marketing 

  1. Digital Marketing consists of New Innovative and Effective methods like SEO, Social Media, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing and PPC, the most attractive point is that all these Methods Are cost Effective and Can Be Implemented by Any Small or Large organization. Whereas Traditional Marketing is Comprised with only One Method That is Printing Ads in Newspaper and Banner Hoarding which is However Very Costly and Was only being used By Big Companies and Organizations.
  2. There is No Doubt that Digital Marketing is Measurable and can be easily Tractable through different Tools like Google Analytics and also through like, Comment and Subscribe options available Below Your every Post in Media. But in Traditional Market there is no such Advantage to Marketers Also They have to wait almost for a Week to get a Response of an Advertisement or Promotion. 
  3. Digital Market has made the life of people more comfort and Easy that even sitting at One Place in their Comfort zone they can get anything at their Doorstep in just one click. While in Traditional you have to linger around in market and visit every shop to buy anything required to you which are Very Hectic and annoying. As sometime you have to stand in Que to wait for your Turn to buy The Product. 
  4. Digital Ad and Promotion can be modified anytime as per the need and requirement of Customer. Whereas in Traditional once you have published your Advertisement then You cannot make Any Changes in it further. 
  5. Digital marketing is Not limitless it has Visibility worldwide and Can Be Viewed by Millions of People around the world. You can connect with as many people as you can and can Directly Communicate with them through Messages, voice call and Video call. Whereas in Traditional Market you cannot even Contact your buyer directly or indirectly unless they themselves make Efforts to Approach You. 
  6. Online Market has accessibility from All Digital devices available with you and there is no time limit to Access any website you can use them 24/7 as per your Convenience. Whereas in traditional there is a Time slot to Open Market between 10-8, that is the reason of Drawback to this Method of Marketing. You cannot visit anytime as per your Comfort. 

Digital Marketing has gained much Popularity in terms of Presenting Companies and organizations in online world. It is a Hassle Free Manner which is an Advantageous point for marketing Companies.

It has Made Possible for companies to present themselves in multiple Channels and Social Platform. 


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