5 Effective Ways To Use Google Business Profile To Attract Customers

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As a business owner, you would want your business to stand out from a bunch of competitors. But, with users who want to be at the top of SEO Australia, how can you use Google Business Profile to attract customers? 

Google Business Profile, formerly called Google My Business (GMB), is a free tool to register your business’ location and services or products on Google. You can use it to attract customers by making listings, gathering reviews, providing relevant information, using engaging photos, and regularly updating listings. 

Boost your local SEO and attract customers through these steps below. 

Make a Google Map listing

Step 1 of using Google Business Profile is checking if you are on the map. To register your business, you need to create a Google Business Profile. Put your business name, location, business category, and operating hours.  

To make your listing pop, customize your profile and have your location verified. Fill out other necessary information. Doing so will help your customers locate you on the map. 

Provide relevant business information

All the information you provide on your Google Business Profile must always be accurate and up to date. So your customers can quickly locate and contact you whenever they need to. 

It would be best to tell your customers everything they need to know about your business. It includes your phone number, website, social media profile, services, and products you offer, company description, and operating hours.

Use engaging photos

Uploading real, authentic photos is an essential step that most people forget. Adding pictures to your Google Business Profile is necessary because it shows your customers that your business is genuine and professional. 

You must include logos, pictures of your crew, storefront, work area, and business certificates, if applicable. In addition to those, you need to add real photos of the products and services you offer. 

If your target audience is teens, GenZ, or Millenials, you want your photos aesthetically pleasing and Instagrammable. But if it is a professional account, make sure that it is clean and presentable. 

Gather reviews from customers

Customers tend to trust reviews that they see online. So, it would be best to build your reputation by gathering reviews from customers who once came to your store.  

Reviews let your customers share the experiences they had with your store. So if you already have loyal customers, encourage your customers to leave a positive review on your Google Business Profile. 

It might sound intimidating to ask for reviews or to have reviews shown publicly, but you need to remember that building your credibility and reputation is essential. 

Update your listings regularly

Keep your customers updated all the time. Google’s algorithm changes all the time, so it is essential to update your listings regularly. Updated listings will also help new customers to manage their expectations. 

Ensure that your phone number, website, and operating hours are up to date. Customers hate showing up to a closed place or contacting a number that is no longer active. 

The Final Word

Every business wants to make it to the top of SEO Australia’s search results. Google Business Profile is a great tool that businesses can use to boost their local SEO. 

Let the experts help you catapult your business to Google’s top searches. 

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