4 Tips for Buying and Using Bitcoin Anonymously

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Bitcoin Anonymously

Do you seek to anonymously buy Bitcoin because you are the type that hates leaving your digital footprints when you make your purchases? Good for you to be here. In this piece, we will take you through how you can easily buy and use your Bitcoin without the fear of any probing eyes. Before then, you should know that getting Bitcoin is simple today due to its availability on sites like bitconnect.co.

Now that there is no blockage, we shall see the various ways to obtain Bitcoin anonymously.

Safest ways to buy Bitcoin anonymously

Via Bitcoin ATMs

Yes, you read it right. Bitcoin ATMs are where you can make your Bitcoin purchases. And many types even offer more other coins aside from Bitcoin. However, buying and selling on the Bitcoin ATM is a straightforward process. For instance, once you make a cash deposit on the machine, you only need to enter your wallet address, and the ATM will do the rest, sending your exact Bitcoin value. And selling of Bitcoin through it follows a similar manner.

Platforms that do not require verification

These platforms act like decentralized exchanges that only connects the buyer to the seller without any third party. Popular ones are on Bitconnect review site. Create an offer of what you want to buy. And a seller will certainly contact you. Once you reach an agreement, you can send the fund to the seller, and the seller sends you your agreed amount of Bitcoin.

Why do you need to stay anonymous?

Although, the general notion of many traders is that Bitcoin has better security. However, this only refers to the coin’s safety against theft and not its private or anonymous use in the trading sphere.

It is general knowledge that Bitcoin uses Blockchain technology which stores every transaction on a public ledger with digital wallet addresses. Anyone with time can trace the transaction details. For instance, they can get details like what coin and how much got bought. Summarily the following are some reasons to stay anonymous.

  •         If you want to pay for a private medical procedure or service
  •         When making a charitable donation
  •         When you want to prevent trackers from knowing your spending habit
  •         Stop malicious hackers from accessing your details.
  •         Maintain general privacy in terms of where and what you spend and where.

Tips for buying and using Bitcoin Anonymously

Here are the best steps to take if you plan to buy or use Bitcoin anonymously. 

Set up your wallet

As a crypto trader, you need a place to store your Bitcoin once purchased. And there can be no better place to serve as your wallet than your account on a dependable trading robot. There are some on Bitconnect.co. And they provide a secure place for buying and keeping your Bitcoin.

Obtain your coin

Buying your Bitcoin is bliss today, but the main issue is remaining anonymous. You can easily buy your Bitcoin via the following means.

  1. Directly from a seller
  2. Through an exchange
  3. From a Bitcoin ATM

Mix your coin

Another thing to do is to mix your available coins. Mix up your cryptos from multiple sources to break the sending and receiving links. Doing this makes tracking the transactions an uphill task.

Use it for making untraceable payments.

The payment you should now make with your Bitcoin should vary but most importantly, do not waste them on traceable transactions. You can make payments for physical, digital goods and services or other cryptocurrencies.

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