4 Silly Errors to Avoid When Buying Patio Table Covers

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Patios, backyards, and gardens have always helped homeowners create private, relaxing spaces on their properties. To make these private spaces even more comfortable, homeowners install patio furniture items (patio tables, sofas, etc.). During the COVID19 pandemic, the demand for outdoor spaces and outdoor furniture items among homeowners increased significantly.

When the world was locked down, the fresh air that people were able to enjoy in their patios was amazing. That’s why, in the post-pandemic world, more and more homeowners are investing in outdoor living and relaxation spots. A key aspect of setting up your own outdoor space is buying the right outdoor furniture items.

Even more important is keeping these outdoor furniture items well-maintained for long periods. That’s where high-quality patio table covers help. These covers help homeowners protect their outdoor investments. Without these covers, outdoor furniture items and cushions will lose their quality rapidly.

Sunlight, moisture, wind, pests, dirt, and debris can all cause irreparable harm to your patio furniture items. High-quality covers serve as strong barriers to these risks. They make sure that the patio furniture items are safe, clean, and ready to be used at all times. Shopping for these covers is a very important process.

Unfortunately, many homeowners who are new to the process of setting up outdoor furniture items don’t know this process. They don’t know what covers to buy and how to use them on their furniture items. Here are four silly errors such shoppers often make.

  1.     Not Getting the Dimensions Right

Many homeowners end up ordering covers that are either too big or too small for their patio furniture items. That’s why verifying the sizes and dimensions of the furniture items before you order the covers is very important. Measure your patio furniture items. Then, pick covers that are slightly bigger in size. Smaller covers won’t fit. Covers that are too big may drag on the floor, accumulating dirt and water.

  1.     Not Buying Breathable Patio Furniture Covers

Breathable patio furniture covers come with in-built vents. These vents facilitate air circulation. Healthy air circulation is critical for avoiding the risk of mold and mildew infesting outdoor furniture items.

  1.     Not Getting Covers with Tight Tiedowns

In windy conditions, your patio furniture covers may blow away with the wind. If the covers come with tight tie-downs, securing them to the furniture items becomes easier. Always buy patio furniture covers that come with strong string ties around their bottoms.

  1.     Not Buying Waterproof Patio Furniture Covers

Most sellers of patio furniture cover advertise their products as “water-resistant.” These covers are only capable of handling light drizzles. If they experience heavy rainfall, they’ll be completely drenched in no time. To avoid this mistake, only shop for “waterproof” patio furniture covers. These types of covers are typically made of UV-treated vinyl. Any water that falls on their surface simply rolls off. Hence, the patio furniture items are kept nice and dry all throughout the year.

Hopefully, in the future, homeowners who are shopping for patio furniture covers don’t make these same mistakes!

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